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Environmental Studies By Anindita Basak Pdf Free 126 monxav




References External links Category:Environment of India Category:Environment education Category:Environmental studies Category:Indian literature Category:Environmental science journals Category:Pearson Education academic journals Category:Publications established in 2009Q: Azure AD Authentication Using Windows Azure AD I'm trying to use Windows Azure AD to authenticate the user against the Active Directory. I followed this tutorial and configured everything as shown. My "AzureActiveDirectory" is the Azure AD tenant, with which I'm trying to authenticate my current user in the Windows Azure AD. I'm getting the below error when I click on my own client secret token for the app. The authentication request could not be completed due to errors in the client secret. Please retry your request. I'm able to sign-in to the Azure using the Windows credentials. Also, I'm getting the error even though I'm able to get the access token and the claim. A: Try the following settings: Choose "Windows Authentication" instead of "Login redirect" and save. Add the two lines in Application_IdentityRequestValidationFailed If the validation is successful, then you can use the external token for your AAD token. var validator = new AuthenticationTokenValidationHandler(); var token = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.GetOwinContext().Authentication.GetExternalTokenAsync(




Environmental Studies By Anindita Basak Pdf Free 126 monxav

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